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About Company

Advantages of cooperation with Novotrans Capital, LLC:

  • professionalism and large experience of work with imported cargoes;
  • individual approach to every customer;
  • H/H mode service;
  • continuously updated list of logistic services;
  • geographical vicinity and convenient location of our terminals to the ports of Novorossiysk;
  • own assets.

Advantages of Novorossiisk:

  • ice-free year-round port - real alternative to overloaded Baltic ports;
  • container delivery by sea from Turkey to Novorossiisk with further truck haul to Moscow is 1400 USD cheaper than direct delivery from Turkey to Moscow by truck;
  • efficient (quick and economic) delivery of imported goods to the consignees and manufacturers located in Southern Russia.

Corporate structure:

  • the logistics sales and marketing department works out the logistics development concept appropriate to the current demand for such services, forms and revises the list of logistic products, customer database;
  • the customer service department provides one-way communication with the customer and performs the agreed services by the functional divisions and arrangement of ocean freight;
  • the customs clearance department settles down formalities with the state bodies related to import-export and transit operations;
  • the warehouse department provides full complex of warehousing and storage procedure for goods;
  • the transport department provides container clearance from the port, cargo delivery by motor trucks and railway;
  • the inventory control department provides preparation of the necessary transport documents.

Customers of Novotrans Capital, LLC:

  • Gloria Jeans Corporation,
  • Eldorado,
  • Russian Field
  • East-Line
  • Laconia
  • Lebedyansky,
  • importers and distributors TAT,
  • Hayat,
  • Merco,
  • Evyap,
  • BEKO,
  • Pakmaya,
  • Tunhe,
  • Shell Oil,
  • Sarten and others.