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Customs clearance

Novotrans Capital LLC (city of Novorossiysk) has long-term experience and carries out customs registration of the import/export cargoes delivered by sea, road and railway in the ports of the Azov-Black Sea region, thus our company has no restrictions on regions of its activity.

Registration of the customs Declaration of Goods
under the seal of the customs broker (import/export)

8 500 RUR + VAT*

* The rate for 1 Declaration is determined on an individual basis, depending on the type of cooperation (single application or long-term contract), additional services required, etc., as well as the peculiarities of the goods, the volume of cargo, item numbers, commodity assortment.

Great work experience with the countries of near and far abroad, the EAEU and the EU, Asia and Africa,with the States of the CIS allows to carry both export and import operations in the optimal timing.

Customs clearance is mandatory for international cargo delivery. The procedure of registration of IMPORT includes various preliminary operations, such as delivery of goods and directly the registration itself, passing in several stages:

  • approval of the package of necessary documentation and certificates; sampling and carrying out the necessary certifications for customs clearance;
  • documentary control (whether the product code corresponds to the nomenclature of foreign trade and the country in which the goods are produced; whether all necessary measures of non-tariff regulation are observed);
  • preparation of Declaration of Goods for application to the customs authority;
  • currency control and control of calculation of customs value of goods; payment of all customs duties;
  • inspection of goods in the presence of the state customs inspector and its release.

Services for the organization of export operations (delivery, loading, reloading of customer goods; organization of transportation to the Customs Control zone; further transportation of goods for export), temporary import/export and transit, refusal in favor of the state and destruction, as well as other procedures.

Long-term cooperation with the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) confirms the decency and focus of our company on further fruitful cooperation.

The Department of Customs Declaration staffed by high-class specialists will determine the HS codes of the EAEU, will advise on carrying out customs payments. Specialists of the Department regularly undergo training, participate in conferences and forums, monitor innovations and changes in the Customs legislation of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian customs Union.

We offer assistance in the preparation of foreign economic contracts and transaction passports taking into account the wishes of our customers. Many clients prefer to provide this part of work to professionals trusting long-term experience of the Novotrans Capital LLC.

Documents required for customs clearance arrangement.

The list of documents required for this procedure first of all depends on the direction of movement of goods (Import or Export), the chosen customs procedure, the purpose of its movement, the conditions of transportation, the method of payment between the participants, as well as the code of goods in accordance with the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the EEU.

For customs clearance of the consignment the following documents are required:

  • Foreign trade contract /contract (barter, purchase and sale, supply agreement, etc.);
  • Invoice, packing list, specification;
  • Various shipping documents (waybill, air waybill, railway waybill, etc.);
  • Payment orders in RUR or in any currency;
  • Documents required to confirm the customs value of the goods and to pass currency control (insurance and shipping documents, price lists, payment documents);
  • Permits of various government agencies (for instance, export or import licenses of goods (Ministry of industry and trade, Federal service for technical and export conrol), declarations of conformity, certificates of conformity, Certificate of State Registration, etc.) .