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Warehouse storage

Warehousing – is a very important service in novorossiysk today, as a port city daily receives thousands of tons of cargo.

  • cross-docking operations with the cargoes passing through the port;
  • distributive retail or small-scale wholesale operations in Novorossiysk and contiguous areas;
  • distributive large-scale wholesale operations in the southern region of Russia.

The total area of the warehouses is more than 35 000 m².

The hoist-loading machinery is used in all warehouses (reach tracks, electric loaders, electrical and hydraulic bogies). There are 16 lift trucks available.

The office premises allow to accommodate the necessary number of the customer's employees. The nice canteen on the territory of the warehousing terminal sets up favourable conditions for our customers' employees leasing the office and warehouse premises.

The customer may choose the convenient mode of operation:

  • warehouse lease;
  • safe storage.

Main types of works:

  • reloading of the goods from the container into the trucks;
  • loading the goods out at the warehouse;
  • palletising;
  • warehouse storage;
  • order selection and completion;
  • cargo handling (packing, labelling, palletising).
  • shipment.

The modern warehouses built in 2005 meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Convenient location close to the port, railways and the federal highway are favourable aspects for the customers to choose our warehousing complex. Owned vehicle fleet to be provided to the customers. The special warehousing machinery and skilled stockmen ensure high quality of warehousing operations within optimal deadlines.

The warehouse management would offer the most profitable mode of work to you - whether it is cargo allocation or shipments from the warehouse by the customer's request to the regions of Russia.

The warehousing complex is equipped with the security system - round-the-clock video surveillance, systems of security and fire alarm. There is the 24h parking lot for the large goods vehicles.

Up to 100 of truck lots of cargoes are accepted and shipped daily.