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Nowadays the logistics market worldwide is undergoing global changes radically affecting both the role, and scope of its members and the structure of their interface.
The main propulsion at this market is:

  • striving to reduce logistic chain and cost optimisation at its various sites;
  • reduction of products life cycle, new approaches to marketing and product distribution; increased role of innovations, accelerated development of e-business.

These changes lead to repositioning and implementation of the new strategies in the activities of the logistic operators.
Among the main trends there are the following:

  • branch amalgamation via a range of merging and buyouts;
  • growth of the importance of informational technologies and data transfer systems;
  • diversion from special services and focus on rendering completed logistic solutions.

Therefore, at present there are prerequisites for development of global 3PL-providers (Third party Logistics Services Providers) able to solve all issues: from performing separate logistic operations to complex services provision (including warehousing, cargo transportation, order handling, physical distribution, etc.) and integrated management of the enterprise-customer's logistic chains.

Novotrans Capital, LLC group of companies is the example of a global provider operating at the transport-logistics market with the following segments:

  • cargo transportation and freight forwarding services;
  • complex logistics services including goods storage and distribution;
  • management logistics incl. services for optimisation of logistics business processes..

Logistics services provided by Novotrans Capital, LLC group of companies:

  • plotting of business- and transportation scheme for cargo delivery;
  • arrangement of ocean freight to Novorossiysk from any port of the world;
  • arrangement of overland delivery in the country of consignment to the port;
  • cargo handling in all ports of Novorossiysk;
  • container clearance from the ports;
  • warehouse cargo processing and storage in Novorossiysk;
  • empty containers storage and cargo storage in containers;
  • customs clearance of the cargoes coming by sea, on trucks and by railway in Novorossiysk, Anapa and Krasnodar;
  • cargo delivery in Russia by trucks and railway to the destination point.