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Customer service

Customer service is quite a new phenomenon for Russian market. There is the Customer Service Department formed in our company where an experienced personal manager would provide the necessary service, namely:
  • preparation (together with the customer) of the business-scheme, order of works and cooperation;
  • stagewise control of cargo movement beginning from container booking down to the cargo unloading in the customer's warehouse;
  • customs clearance documents control and devising of recommendations for their correct preparation;
  • arrangement of the containers to be presented for screening;
  • clearance arrangement of the loaded containers from the port, acceptance and delivery of the empty stock;
  • arrangement for the cargo delivery to the end consignee, agreement of the shipment dates and delivery address, as well and the consignee company;
  • obtaining rates for overland delivery and forwarding of the information to the customer.

Every customer is served by the personal manager who maintains all business correspondence with the customer, consignee and coordinates cooperation with the company departments - customs declaring department (customs department), certification department, transport department, warehouse, etc. The managers' language qualifications promote quick communication and full understanding of the foreign customers.

The personal manager would help to find out a unique solution to a certain project and include the necessary options that would make the transportation process more convenient and efficient.

Development of optimal transportation route with minimal costs and provision of appropriate customs services are the priorities of work with the customers. We are aware that within the environment of relentless competition it is important for the customer not only to obtain high-quality services within the optimal deadlines for the reasonable price, but also be satisfied with cooperation with the company.